Delays Delays Delays ... I'M SORRRRRYYY

Posted by Jha'da Hutson Harris on

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bags and basically anything clothing wise that has to do printing instead of embroidery is still gonna take hella long ya'll. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU! EST Time: 

15-25 business days ( and thats just to start printing )

- So your clothes just don't get printed. I put them suckas through quality control to make sure everything is good to go, then sort them so nobody stuff gets mixed up and all that good stuff. 

Embroidery thingys like hats and polos EST Time: 15-20 business days (I'm multi tasking here bare with me) 

Socks: 5-15 Business Days

Posters: 2-5 Business Days

Canvas': 5-15 Business Days

Stickers : 15-20 Business Days ( You're probably thinking omg why are these things taking so long ) I gotta make sure I'm giving you guys good stuff *chefs kiss*

Mugs : 2-5 Business Days

I'll be updating this specific post for times as I handle our new lifestyle. 

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