Communication With You Guys About Delays

Posted by Jha'da Hutson Harris on

First of all, I assure you all that I'm still accepting orders, and follow updates from this blog so you understand what’s going on. 

First off I am here to let you guys know you can contact me whenever and don't feel like you're bothering me about your orders. Trust me I be wanting my stuff to come THE NEXT DAY!

Second, let me tell y'all what to know about updates in shipping delays. THIS ISH IS MOVING SLOW SLOW. As an upcoming black owned business i know stuff like this is important and i actually never thought I would even get this far or this many people to support so I'm a little overwhelmed and over appreciated. What I can do is as soon as you message me I can proactively manage your expectations about order fulfillment under the given circumstances.

Me making it clear to you guys is what I am here for and for everyone to understand that that both fulfillment and shipping are currently expected to take longer (Shipping is NOT on me but I can harass them with you). To avoid miscommunication, double-check everything and lmk your name and order # so that I'm providing you the best estimates I can give.

The faster I react to the communication and the more transparent I am will definitely impact of this “new normal” on this business, the more likely it is that y'all will hang in there and wait for their orders.


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